Five Thing Friday, 02.06.2015

1. I took my own personal snow day on Monday after our area was pounded with snow. Just when everything is starting to be cleared of snow, I’m told we’re supposed to get more this weekend. I give up, February. You win.
snow animated GIF

2. WTF is actually happening on Scandal??? SPOILER: Did anyone else else gasp when Olivia finally burst through the big red door and they showed the screen of the “city?” Just me? Okay. Who comes up with these sort of mind games? I was so angry so many times during that episode. Last night was just even more ridiculous, mostly because we found out that Olivia’s last meal would be beef stew and an orange creamsicle, soooo I guess we would never get along in real life.

3. I am participating in a “Health Challenge” with some co-workers. You set a goal (lose 10 pounds, exercise 3 times a week, sit on your ass and watch Netflix, etc.) and contribute $50 to the pot. Those who reach their goal split the full pot, so as long as you’re successful, you get your 50 bucks back plus any additional from people who are giant failures. My goal? A 2-minute plank. I did a plank the other night to test my skill level as of now and I lasted 25 seconds before collapsing. Approximately 24 of those seconds were spent shaking uncontrollably.
will ferrell animated GIF

4. I know everyone has moved on and is talking about the Saved by the Bell reunion with Jimmy Fallon, but I can’t stop watching this (and I swear it’s not just because Will Ferrell did “Drunk in Love” – although his 2 songs were the best, hands down.)

5. Turns out taking a Monday off actually makes the week go by way too slow, so I am more than ready for the weekend. Have a good one, friends!


5 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday, 02.06.2015

  1. I was scratching my head over these last two Scandal episodes, too. It’s getting a bit far out there for my tastes. Not that it was ever a modicum of realism, but still. I just want her to get with Jake already (I don’t think it’s a tough choice at all…) and get back to being the gladiator she is with her team. 🙂

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