Five Thing Friday, 02.13.15

1. Tim’s 30th birthday was yesterday so I had to do something super obnoxious.

Thirty gifts for 30 years. I was mostly just proud of my wrapping skills for this, but I think he enjoyed it.


2. We went to dinner to celebrate and this quote is my new favorite.


3. I love Beyoncé as much as the next booty shakin’ white girl, but Kanye needs to freaking CHILL. When Kim can barely even fake support, you know there’s an issue.


4. No pressure, but my half birthday is today. Plan accordingly.


5. I’m not a big Valentine’s Day person but I might have to be so I can use this.

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! Have a great weekend!

*I wrote this post at 5AM when I couldn’t sleep. Please excuse typos & crap that doesn’t make sense (aside from the usual crap that doesn’t make sense on this blog).


3 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday, 02.13.15

  1. Wow, I liked all these things this week. You really got him 30 things? And the ribbons turned out super curly like that? The saying on the restaurant…awesome. Kayne needs to remember he is married to Kim and not Beyonce and if he would chill he wouldn’t have to be married to Ms. Untalented. I’m also shocked that people don’t celebrate my have birthday, and that Butter card is awesome and I wish I would have seen this before our work passed out Valentine’s cause I would have printed this up and put it in all my co-workers envelopes.

    1. I did get 30 things, but it was challenging. I was on a roll until like 12 then I had to really start thinking. And I think you should still give out the butter cards. They might need something after the long weekend.

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