It was the Best of Blogs, It was the Worst of Blogs

Notice anything different? Here, I’ll help you.The Snarky Scoop

When I first started blogging over 2 years ago, I started with literally no idea what I would write about. I didn’t have a niche’ like food or exercise (LOL). I just wanted to write about eating, annoying people who stand too close to you while waiting in line at Target, stupid bimbos on The Bachelor and how much I love Beyonce’. I haphazardly came up with the name “Finding the Funi” which has become my little blog baby. But as all babies do, she’s growing up into a beautiful young adult teenager.

My entire blog is getting a re-vamp and I am so excited about it. I feel as though I’ve learned more about the blogging world and am excited about what I can bring to it. The actual content will remain the same (fear not my Bachelor fans!) but I will (hopefully) be posting more regularly and more frequently.

Why “The Snarky Scoop?” I’ve honestly been trying to think of a new title since December. I have pages of names written in notebooks and too many notes drafted in my iPhone that I care to divulge. I know what you’re thinking – and this is all you could come up with!? Don’t worry, they were awful titles like “Sassy and Fierce” which Tim vetoed because “HAHAHA You’re not fierce.” Remind me to have a chat with him about that.
beyonce animated GIF

So many other amazing titles I came up with were already taken. I finally settled on the “The Scoop” to find that it was already a website that isn’t even in use. I do NOT want to talk about it. I had fallen in love with that name so I added in Snarky since it was written all over previously mentioned notes.

And, I’m pleased. It is fitting for this blog. “The Scoop” allows me to discuss any variety of topics which I obviously love to do. The “Snarky” allows me to do it in the same way that I always have.

Bear with me as I clearly have a lot more to do than just changing a simple URL. Oh, and about that. You can still get here from and it will re-direct you but update your bookmarks (WTF DO YOU MEAN YOU DON’T HAVE THIS BOOKMARKED!?) to just for the mere fact that I think it is so much more fun.

I’m excited, guys.
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