Vanilla Ice Steals the Necessities, AKA a Mirror

Well, well, well. Looks like Vanilla Ice steals songs AND patio furniture. Unfortunately, I don’t think he’ll get away with this one by saying “no, mine has an extra ‘ding’ so it’s allowed.”

This is so sad on so many levels. Vanilla Ice apparently has a show on HGTV and during filming he stole things like bicycles and patio furniture. I have so many questions and I don’t even know where to begin.

Why does Vanilla Ice have a home improvement show anyway?

Does he have any experience in this field?

Does he have experience in any field?

Are not enough annoying 20 year-olds singing “Ice Ice Baby” at their Wednesday dollar draft karaoke college bars, therefore Vanilla is making no profit?

Why is he stealing patio furniture and pool heaters?





3 thoughts on “Vanilla Ice Steals the Necessities, AKA a Mirror

  1. And to think until Eminem came along this guy was like the most recognized White Male Rapper. I think not long after his short stint with semi-fame, he could only find a job in construction, thus the experience with the HGTV show.

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