The Oscars: Why It’s Stupid That Female Celebs Don’t Want to be Asked Who They’re Wearing

The only movie I saw that was nominated for Oscars this year was American Sniper. Since I wasn’t familiar with the other movies, I knew I would only be commenting on the random musical numbers (NPH you are amazing) and jokes, but there’s one thing from last night that really grinds my gears.

There’s a campaign that a few female actresses have put together for reporters to ask more than just “who are you wearing?” I get it. The idea is great, especially at a time when more and more people are challenging the idea of women having equal rights in the workplace, etc. The rise of Twitter and other forms of social media has made this become something we’re seeing more and more often.

But, you’re telling me that women who spend 6+ hours getting ready for an awards show are expecting that they won’t be asked about who they’re wearing? They’ve been starving themselves for weeks and have been perfecting their pouty lip in a mirror so they look “good” in front of the camera, but they want to be asked more intellectual questions like they’re finding a cure for cancer? Pardon my French, but you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

Hey Reese – You understand the irony that you posted these within like 8 hours of each other, right? If not, you don’t deserve to be asked intellectual questions.

The whole Red Carpet pre-show started exactly for that reason. These women are given GORGEOUS (usually) gowns so these designers can put their name out there, yet they don’t want people to ask about them? Bullshit. Show me a bloated bitch in a skin tight gown because she just couldn’t resist Chipotle the night before the show and THEN I’ll think you’re starting a movement that could make a difference.

It’s a wonderful idea, but I this was not the place to do it. These celebrities could use their status to support Feminism in other ways that would make a difference. I don’t know. It’s just super irritating that they’re trying to victimize themselves when there are far better ways to be influential in regards to the subject.

Also, the men are also asked who they’re wearing, too, so I think the whole thing is a moot point.

A Twitter Campaign Is Demanding Reporters Ask Women More Than "Who Are You Wearing?"
Yes, yes they do.

I know the men are asked who they’re wearing because I’m always like Ughhh, who cares? These black tuxes all look the same no matter who designed them. Let me go judge the next weird dress that someone is wearing.

My point, ladies? Wear sweatpants while eating Chinese food during The Oscars and then I’ll applaud you for starting a movement. I’ll still probably ask who you’re wearing, though. I’m sure those sweats are designer.


2 thoughts on “The Oscars: Why It’s Stupid That Female Celebs Don’t Want to be Asked Who They’re Wearing

  1. I hadn’t even heard of this thing until a couple of bloggers wrote (you and another one). My question is, how are these interviewers supposed to ask the deep heartfelt questions on a red carpet, when you guys are rushing through the gauntlet? How about they ask those questions when you give them a one on one interview when they have time to get a thoughtful response? How about we ask you how you feel and what dress you were given for free on the red carpet instead?

    1. Exactly. And the questions they wanted them to ask aren’t even that great in terms of being “intellectual.” I think one example was “what is your favorite show right now?” Yeah, that’ll show ’em

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