Five Thing Friday, 02.27.2015

1. You’ve probably heard about #TheDress from yesterday evening. If you haven’t, please click that link and tell me what you see. APPARENTLY, it’s actually black and blue. Not only am I so angry that I’m wrong but why am I colorblind and didn’t know it? Ugh. Also, the internet is a crazy and wonderful thing. That picture was posted and within a few hours, people figured out an answer as to why some people were seeing white and gold (correct) and others were seeing black and blue (losers).
By now you've probably seen this dress and argued with someone what color it really is...

2. I saw a recipe the other day that included ideas about what to do with stale tortilla chips. Does anyone have chips in their house long enough to let them go stale? Who are these people? Nevermind. I don’t want to know.

fries on the sandwich

3. Al convinced me to try hot yoga yesterday and it was awesome and I was dripping in sweat by the end 5 minutes into class. It was so relaxing. I felt like I took a nap after I left. I actually might have, but who cares? It certainly isn’t a rigorous cardio activity but damn it makes ya feel grand.

4. I really want to see 50 Shades of Grey even though practically no one enjoyed the movie. I mean, it’s not like the book is a literary masterpiece. What are people expecting? I’m expecting something I can laugh at and make fun of because it’s so awkward. If you’re looking for porn there’s other things you can do like, oh I don’t know, Google “porn.”

5. This video is everything.

Happy Friday!

excited animated GIF


6 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday, 02.27.2015

  1. My daughter and I have the hobby of watching just about anything on TV and making fun of it with really sarcastic voices. Lifetime movies, really bad movies, or even pretty good movies. The sad thing is I am inadvertantly training her to someday take over my bitter blog.

  2. Oh and the stupid dress. Why did it all of a sudden take over social media last night? Because of it’s color? Really? I tell funny jokes all day long and can barely get a view, but the stupid dress takes over the world because it is a color? Why?

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