Exercise is Hard

I’m going through one of those phases where it’s like “Okay, you’ve literally had some sort of cake/ice cream/cookie/candy every day for the past 2 weeks. It’s time to reel it in.”

I miraculously still fit it in my pants but I don’t want to press my luck so I’m finally starting to do some physical activity again. I mentioned that I tried hot yoga last week and it was phenomenal. The particular class I went to was definitely not geared towards weight loss. It was more of a let’s stretch your muscles since you haven’t used them since 2014, you lazy ass. I loved it. I had to refrain from giggling a lot because it’s just awkward (we “ommmmm”-ed at the end) and I think I’m a little too high strung to completely immerse myself into the experience and forget about all of the other (insignificant) crap I have on my mind. It’s definitely relaxing and it gives me an excuse to wear my yoga pants, so that’s a plus.


Apparently I’m in a phase where I want to try every type of exercise there is. I tried a Tabata (or HIIT? I don’t know the difference and I don’t really care) workout last night and at first glance I thought there was no way it could affect me in any way. I’ve never been more wrong about something in my entire life. I didn’t even do as many reps as recommended. Who knew 10 minutes could feel so HELLISH!?

My motivation for physical activity is so fleeting so I need to take advantage of it while I can. I want to try spinning but I also enjoy being able to breathe and walk, so maybe not.


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