Five Thing Friday, 03.06.2015

1. I recently re-discovered the wonder that is Pirate’s Booty.
Pirate's Booty Aged White Cheddar Rice & Corn Puffs, 4 oz, (Pack of 12)

This stuff is like crack. Which could be really amazing or really terrible. 

 2. I was driving the other day when I saw an ambulance coming up behind me, so like a normal person, I pulled over so they could pass me. Apparently, some asshat thought I was pulling over for him and screeched out in front of the ambulance.
emma stone animated GIF

I managed to calm my rage for his stupidity and give him the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t see the lights or hear the siren, and surely he would pull over any second. NOPE. I watched the ambulance just go into the other lane to go around him. WHAT? I will never understand the human race. Ever.
hate animated GIF

3. I really hate to give Kim Kardashian more attention that she doesn’t deserve, but what was she thinking!? This has to be some sort of prank, right? Does she even know how beautiful her hair was before this? What an idiot.

Also, I feel really shallow for focusing on something as insignificant as someone’s hair color but she asks for it so I don’t really care. Also, Kim, the dark brows are on point with your bleach blonde locks. Stoopid. Also, Kayne is wearing a velour mock neck in this photo. Do with that what you will. 

 4. We are finally breaking into 40 degree weather next week. HEAT WAVE. It will be much needed since we’re having an hour straight up ripped out of our hands on Sunday.

  5. I am OBSESSED with Maroon 5’s new song “Sugar.” I realize this is old news but I keep forgetting to mention it. If you ever see me driving while it’s playing, you’ll know how much I love it.
grammys 2014 animated GIF



4 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday, 03.06.2015

      1. It is. I think some people don’t really get the meaning. If they could really visualize the wearing of one’s ASS as a HAT, I think they’d respect it a little more.

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