Taylor Swift Lyrics Are Outrageous

I’ve touched on my love/hate relationship with Taylor Swift, and let me yell ya, I’m currently in a “love” phase with her new pop album. (You can make fun of me).  If I don’t have “Style” stuck in my head at some point during the day, it is a miracle.

However, I recently started listening to the lyrics more and I am like WTF. It’s obvious that this song is about Harry Styles. You know, this tool.

That’s fine and dandy. They dated for like 3 weeks so naturally Taylor was able to get 7 songs created based on their relationship. I wish I was that talented. Anyway, if this song is about Hank, why on earth does she think it’s appropriate to tell him “You got that James Dean daydream look in your eye?” What an insult to James Dean. Maybe she doesn’t know what he looks like. Should someone tell her? Here, I will.


Not at all similar. She goes on to tell Hank “You got that long hair, slicked back, white t-shirt,” and I think it was supposed to be another Dean reference, but I can’t help but notice how inaccurate her comparison is, once again.jamesdeanHarryStyleswhitet

What the hell were you thinking, Tay? Was this just one of those things where she really liked him so he clearly looked more attractive than he actually was? I sure hope so. Otherwise, she needs help.

It’s obvious that there are so many of Taylor Swift songs that have lyrics that make absolutely no sense, but since this one is over-played so often it has been on my mind too often. I had to address it because I was genuinely outraged when I realized what she was trying to say. Maybe this should be an installment. I could devote an entire blog to ridiculous Swift lyrics. But, then again, I’m the one with this lowly blog and she’s the one who was a millionaire at age 16, so who am I to judge? JK, I will obviously continue to judge/love her at the same time.

For your unrelated amusement, I came across the photo below when I was looking for pictures and I will be laughing for days at this over-the-top attempt to look attractive.




7 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Lyrics Are Outrageous

  1. TS does being out a lot of different emotions in people but that should be expected since her music has done the same for her ex-boyfriends. Love her or hate her, she’s a very talented kid. I think that sometimes get lost in all the other garbage people throw around. And she markets herself really well, or at least her people do.

  2. I have to say my 10 year old daughter goes back and forth on her too. She has some good music, but like you say some lyrics cause confusion. Luckily, don’t really pay attention to the lyrics, so if a song doesn’t sound good to me I don’t listen, even if the lyrics are brilliant.

  3. Ohhh, the dreaded/wonderful love/hate Taylor Swift relationship. I’m ridiculously familiar with it. I’ve written about it numerous time…
    I want to hate her…I really do. The girl in me cringes every time I start shaking it off…and gettin’ down with her sick beats.

    Ugh, I love her.

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