Five Thing Friday, 03.20.2015

1. I watch The Today Show every dang morning. Half the time I roll my eyes at the crap they talk about but I just can’t quit it. Yesterday they talked about a study that says people who watch cooking shows eat more and gain weight. Is this new information? I thought it was common knowledge. If anyone can watch The Pioneer Woman make some sort of over-the-top dessert and not feel the need to immediately make brownies, I want to know your secret.
brownies animated GIF

2. I talk about how amazing it would be to be able to nap halfway through work every day, but starting an adult preschool is just straight up CREEPY.

3. Happy First Day of Spring! It has decided to greet us with snow later. It better be 90+ degrees every day this summer to make up for this garbage.


4. The Glee finale is tonight. This season was so damn terrible but I will 100% be crying at the last episode. 

5. Happy Friday!!!!


6 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday, 03.20.2015

  1. I watch the Today Show everyday at my first break and I agree. Some of the crap they say on there is so stupid, but I can’t quit it. And the whole Ellen, Matt Lauer 50 Shades of Gray thing is just creepy.

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