Oprah Strikes Again

Oprah announced that she’ll be auctioning off some of her “favorite things” if you will. The proceeds will go to benefit the school she founded in Africa. Whatever – it’s a good cause – I won’t touch on that. Actually, I will. It’s a good cause but Oprah has of course found a way to make it all about her. Here’s a peek into my weird creepy taste. Everyone talk about how amazing I am.

Most people are outraged by some of the items – aka all the nudes and weird sculptures. I’m more focused on the pen she’s auctioning for $50 because it says “OPRAH” on it.

Oprah Pen


I’mma buy a bunch of BICs and carve her name in them and sell them for $50 a piece since there are people out there who buy this crap. Again, it’s a great cause, but if people have $2,000 to spare, I wish they would just donate it, rather then spend it on a random lamb statue and condone Oprah’s pretentious behavior.

I’m done looking at this list. If you’re interested, here is the full list of asinine items.


5 thoughts on “Oprah Strikes Again

  1. Do you think she laughed as she ripped down her $1200 drapes and was like ” Here Peasants! You can be the Von Trapp family and make yourself play clothes out of them! Muahahahaha”

  2. It has to be exhausting to continue coming up with reasons and ways to make money for your projects…

    I mean, it’s not like she can’t just donate 1.5 Zillion dollars to the school. It’s her school and her money.


    what a bitch.

    kidding, kind of.

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