RIP Toby the Squirrel

Let me paint you a picture. It was a lovely morning yesterday – very little traffic and the sun was shining. Toby the Squirrel was just acting all squirrely and decided it would be a great day to cross the street for some more nuts, so he started crossing just as my car was approaching.

I caught a quick glimpse of him before it was too late.

He came out of nowhere.

There was no time to stop.

I held my breath, thinking maybe he’d do the same. Maybe he’ll freeze underneath my car, safe from the tires going 40mph.

Toby didn’t freeze.

Had I not seen him, I would have thought I hit a tiny pothole in the road. A tiny guy, he was.

But I did see him.

So I knew the tiny thump was Toby.

I turned off my music for the remaining 3 minutes of my drive.

Toby deserved that moment of silence.

I wonder what his last meal was. I hope it wasn’t a salad and he just said YOLO this morning before plowing through an extra nut.

On my way home, I saw Toby lying in the road. He was flat as a pancake.

In my 10+ years of driving, I have never hit any sort of rodent. I am so sad that I can no longer make that claim.

Im sorry, Toby. You will be missed.

squirrel animated GIF

Memorial services will be held for Toby at a date TBD.


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