Five Thing Friday, 04.03.2015

1. I’ve been watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt which is adorable and quirky and funny and I’m officially hooked. Plus, I just really relate to Titus.
unbreakable kimmy schmidt animated GIF

2. It was 67 degrees yesterday (!!) and I was reminded that pretty soon all of my favorite local soft serve ice cream places will be open soon or already are. That’s normal, right? That my mind immediately goes to the fact that peanut butter/chocolate soft serve twist will soon be available to me?
food52 animated GIF

3. There are rumors that there is going to be a Full House spinoff called Fuller House on Netflix but there are also rumors that it’s just a late April Fool’s joke. Is that even allowed? Please tell me this is real.
shocked animated GIF

4. I feel like I’m getting sick so I took NyQuil and went to bed at 830PM. It better work.
RealityTVGIFs animated GIF

5. In honor of Easter this weekend, happy flashback Friday to Easter circa 1992.IMG_0698

I am 100% certain that I threw a fit about the ensemble I was forced to wear. Soooo sorry, Mom.


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