Five Thing Friday, 04.10.2015

1. First things first. This is how I’ve been feeling for like 6 months.

I hope they’re pleased with their Instagram pics of themselves gazing at the fresh fallen snow holding a (not even good) Starbucks drink. 

 2. The depressing rain and cold EVERY DAY this week inspired me to book a trip to a warm beach next month. I realize I should have done this in February but I messed up, okay? It’s happening now and I can’t wait.

3. I woke up both Thursday and Friday morning with a pounding headache. WTF is that about? If my bladder is any indication it’s certainly not dehydration. 

 4. Do people actually like real jelly beans? A co-worker brought some into work yesterday but they were the Starburst kind and they were DELICIOUS. I think regular ones taste like crap, right? This is a pressing issue. I need to know if I’m missing out on candy!


 5. I am seeing Lee DeWyze this weekend!!! Tim can’t wait.



4 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday, 04.10.2015

  1. I hate those girls that look forward to winter too. Spring is where it’s at. Though the rain sucks. I should know. And yeah the Starburst Jelly Beans that I keep stealing from my kids Easter buckets? Yeah they’re good.

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