Lee DeWyze at Adroit Theory Brewing Company

It’s obvious that I have a slight adoration for Lee DeWyze and Saturday just solidified that love for me.

Saturday evening I lured Tim with beer and dragged him to Adroit Theory Brewing Company to see Lee perform. Luckily, the beer just so happened to be delicious. The brewery was small, so there were only about 75 people there – maybe less. My kind of intimate concert. After enjoying a beer, Lee started playing and I promptly left Tim at the bar and moved up to get a better view. 

How awesome!? I love small shows like this. He was legit on a tiny platform. I could have touched him if I wanted to but I refrained because I wanted to listen to the concert and not get kicked out of the bar.

I’m a dumb dumb who should have turned my phone, but how amazing is he?

The show was phenomenal but that’s no surprise. Also no surprise – he stuck around after and I met him for the 4th time. One of these days I won’t have to introduce myself and he’ll just be like “Oh HAYYYY Erica!! How you been?”  

Until then, I’ll take his “You guys are awesome!” that he said after we said goodbye. Plus, a fist bump so I think we’re best friends now.

*Tim was incredibly skeptical but agreed to go to the concert with me because he’s the greatest. When we left he said “I’d totally go see him again with you” (I’m making sure this is in writing) and even took notes in his phone of his favorite songs. My point is – check out Lee’s music. You will not be disappointed.


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