Kelly Clarkson & Josh Groban Singing All I Ask of You

I guess I’m on an American Idol kick on the blog this week, but please listen to this.

Full Disclosure: My friend Katie (who is the one who sent this to me) is a die-hard Kelly fan and attending concerts with her has made me a bit biased in Kelly’s favor, but I thought this was so so awesome.

Josh Groban is, without question, phenomenal since this is his genre and probably the only stuff he sings in the shower or on road trips (no judgement here). Kelly is obviously not an Opera or Broadway singer, but girlfriend held her own. Was she the best compared to other versions? Probably not, but it was damn good. I’m impressed, Kel.

reaction animated GIF

The only thing I am disappointed about is that I don’t automatically sound like Kelly when I sing along. I sound more like a dying animal. So strange. Anyway, she can actually sing anything and now I want them to cast these two on Broadway so I can go see it. Please?


3 thoughts on “Kelly Clarkson & Josh Groban Singing All I Ask of You

  1. Now that’s interesting. I don’t know who came up with the idea of those two on that song but it works most of the time. She has some difficulty with the higher ranges but that’s to be expected. I
    I’ve both of the, so for me it didn’t matter. And if you never heard the Broadway version this would be great. But the higher notes are like silk on Broadway and more raspy here, which is her style. Nice job.

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