Five Thing Friday, 04.24.2015

1. It snowed yesterday afternoon for 3-5 minutes and I damn near shot myself in the foot over it. Everyone was like “Don’t worry it’s not sticking. It’s not cold enough.”

RealityTVGIFs animated GIF

2. A co-worker was having a stressful day and she made a comment that she was so stressed that she wouldn’t be able to eat. Wut. I don’t trust people who don’t stress-eat.

friends animated GIF friends animated GIF
Joey Friends Gif

3. Exercise has been happening over here. I ran a mile without stopping 3 times in the past week (not consecutively). I’m really letting my inner fatty fly with that statement but since that hasn’t happened in probably 2 years, I’mma be proud of it.
running animated GIF

4. BIG NEWS. I bought my first pair of white jeans. The secret to not letting all your nooks and crannies show in white jeans? Go up one size from your normal size, especially if they’re skinny jeans. Most people probably already know that (or just don’t buy white jeans) but it was a wonderful discovery I made when trying them on last weekend.
jimmy fallon animated GIF

5. Happy Friday!
jersey shore animated GIF

p.s. Happy Birthday Kate!!! 🙂


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