Five Thing Friday, 05.01.2015

1. I went to an event for work last night that involved tasting all different foods from restaurants in the area – it was literally called “Taste”. I only took out my camera twice, but it was for the most important things. Once was to take a picture of this blackberry cheesecake situation.

The other was to take 5 selfies on a Carousel but I’ll only share one.

NBD. Just keepin’ it cas (is “cas” the correct spelling for the abbreviation of “casual?”) Alright fine, one more if you’re gonna beg.

2.  You might be thinking Hey, Er, why are you wearing your glasses? Hasn’t it been 2 weeks since you went to the eye doctor and they ransacked your bank account? Didn’t they say it would only be a few days before your contacts came in? Why, yes, yes, they did forget to order them 2 weeks ago and didn’t do so until I called this week to check on them. And they gave me attitude like it was an inconvenience and I still won’t have them until Monday. DON’T.

3. Running has STILL been happening. I don’t even know who I am anymore. Probably just someone who has to wear a bathing suit in 2 weeks. (Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT complaining about the fact that I will be on a beach.)


4. My absolute favorite pair of flats have a hole in the sole. I finally got around to ordering a new pair from Zappos and was so sad when they weren’t the right size. Good thing they got free shipping both ways ya’ll.

5. It’s supposed to be in the 70s and sunny all weekend. I will be outside for the next 2 days straight  hour until I want to watch Netflix. Happy Friday, everyone!

emma stone animated GIF


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