Five Thing Friday, 05.22.15

1. This week was awful. Maybe it’s because I was just getting back from vacation. Maybe it’s because my Monday morning started off with some betch cutting me off and then having the audacity to honk at me. Regardless, it’s Friday and this long weekend is so so welcome.

2. All of the recent Subway commercials talking about their guacamole just reminds me how much I love Chipotle’s guac, so I went and got a burrito bowl yesterday. Someone should let them know that their marketing campaign isn’t working.

 3. I am moving in 1 week from today and have packed a total of 3 boxes. It still looks like I haven’t done anything so this should be enjoyable.  

4. I bought two of Jen Lancaster’s books a few years ago – literally years. I don’t know why it took me so long to actually read one but I just finished Bitter is the New Black and I am obsessed. She’s such an asshole but so hysterical.

Jen Lancaster

5. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


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