Five Thing Friday, 05.29.2015

1. Happy moving day weekend. I despise moving and packing and everything that goes along with it BUT I did throw out so much crap – like 3 giant black garbage bags  – so that is quite refreshing.

2. I’m sure this has been discussed but do you guys watch Modern Family? I just caught up on a bunch of episodes last night. If you’re not watching, please do. You won’t regret it. It is probably the best show on television right now.
modern family animated GIF

3. Who the hell knew nightstands were so expensive? I found about 50 that I liked/would match my dresser and was like wait I don’t have $300 per nightstand lying around! Finally, I found these at HomeGoods. Still ridiculous, but whatever.

4. I need a new eyeliner. Suggestions? I’ve been using the same one since I was 14 and am realizing it’s really not great (Maybelline Unstoppable). I love eyeliner so much, so I am willing to pay if it won’t make me look like a raccoon 2 hours after I put it on.

5. Have a great weekend, everyone! Wish me luck with moving.

day animated GIF



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