About Those Duggars

I didn’t watch the interview with the Duggars but I saw enough highlights to know I never want to watch it.  

From what I gathered, Jim Bob and Michelle excused their son’s actions because the molestation occurred over the clothing and only lasted a few seconds. Plus, they claim it was only done out of pure curiosity.

Oh, well then that makes it alright.

Maybe next time don’t act like sex is such a forbidden fruit and actually teach your 14 year old son who is going through puberty some things about it and he won’t have to be “curious.”



3 thoughts on “About Those Duggars

  1. Yeah, that would be a great lesson to teach my 10 year old girl who is going through Sex Education right now. It’s okay for an older guy to touch your privates as long as your clothes are on. It’s just because he’s curious.

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