Five Thing Friday, 06.12.2015

1. Al and I went to see a Bruce Springsteen cover band the other night and it was super enjoyable. But, most enjoyable was this little piece of heaven. 
It came from a wonderful far away land called a pizza truck with a built-in wood fired oven. I believe the name was Coastal Crust. We both laughed when they asked “Two slices or two pies?” Do we look like we want one slice each? Two pies stat, please.

2. I also had a Twisted Tea when we were out the other night which I think means I’m a high school student thinking she’s so cool getting wasted off of two drinks in her friend’s parents’ basement. I don’t even care because it tasted like summer. 

3. I am on the hunt for a TV stand and am realizing how much I absolutely do not want to have to put a million pieces together. I love this one from Target but the reviews were like “only buy this if you have 1 year of your life to dedicate to assembly.”
Target TV Stand

4. Everyone was flipping out the other day because Beyonce’ said she had a big announcement to make on Good Morning America and it turned out that her “announcement” was that she was vegan. Here’s my (pun-intended) beef with the outrage: As far as I know, Beyonce’ wasn’t the one to put out this announcement – Good Morning America did. So, technically she didn’t really hype anything up. And if she did, who cares? Stop acting like you’re not going to love her anyway, Beehive.
The clues were there all along.

5. I hear an ice cream truck right now sooo I gotta jet. Happy Friday!


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