Five Thing Friday, 06.19.2015

1. After nearly 3 weeks in my apartment, I have finally started decorating. By “decorating” I mean putting out 2 pictures and taking my sweet time writing out this quote.

2. Every time I try on a pair of my shorts, I realize that they’re all snug and I need to do something about that. But then, this happens and I don’t even hate it.

Don’t judge my nails. I took care of it later that night.

3. I think I’m the only person my age who didn’t watch Gilmore GirlsΒ when it was actually on TV. I’m certainly making up for it now by binge watching on Netflix and I love it.

pizza animated GIF

4. Quick, someone give me a book I can download to read on my flight tonight. Serious request. No horror stories about plane crashes, please.

5. I’m out of crap to ramble about. Have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday, 06.19.2015

  1. Ice cream should always be taken care of before nails. And also Gilmore Girls is pretty awesome because laugh at one of their jokes and they are already three jokes ahead. I think at one point their fast talking almost became a competition to see who could move on fastest.

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