Tabata is No Joke and Now I Want a Donut

My last run before Wednesday was May 2nd. May 2nd! No wonder my all of my summer clothes were too tight. I finally decided to do something about it. Maybe if I could get some self discipline. Any suggestions on where to find that?

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Anyway, I exercised twice this week. That’s right. I physically exerted myself not once, but twice. Did I eat at least one pastry each day from Saturday-Wednesday? You bet your ass I did. But, I also exercised.

I went for a run on Wednesday and if you know me at all, you know I have a love/hate relationship with running. I love that it helps me fit in my clothes. I absolutely loathe everything else about it.

Instead of running, I did a Tabata workout tonight. A co-worker recommended Grokker, which has a ton of options for workout videos. I decided to do a 40 minute Tabata workout because I like to lie to myself about how physically strong I actually am.

Disney Exercise animated GIF

That shit was no joke.

I heard myself whimper at one point.


It was during the 2nd round (out of 8) of push-ups. I whimpered, and then I collapsed as the skinny bitch yelled “You’re not done yet! You already think it’s hard? You have 6 rounds to go!” Well, Tasha,* you have 6 visible muscles protruding out of each arm so it hardly seems fair that we should be completing the same work-outs.

Alas, I did it.

I rested far more than was permitted, but I did it.

There’s really no point to this other than to warn anyone with jello arms and a Pillsbury Doughboy stomach to never ever try Tabata.

I honestly think I’d rather run.

I'd Do Anything to Lose 10 lbs

*I have no idea if her name was Tasha but it seemed like an appropriate bitchy name.


8 thoughts on “Tabata is No Joke and Now I Want a Donut

  1. The first time I did a Tabata workout I didn’t just whimper, I honestly thought I would be physically sick and that was only a 20-minute Grokker video. You are seriously fit!

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