Five Thing Friday, 06.26.2015

1. You mean you don’t keep your jewelry and perfume in a duffel bag by your front door? Odd.

I got home from Tim’s on Sunday night and my bag is still sitting right by the front door. Every morning this week I’ve been running around looking for random crap that I have in there and every morning, I tell myself that I am going to put it away that night. Yet, here I sit watching Gilmore Girls. I might as well just leave it there now since I’ll use it again soon enough.

2. Why on earth are offices freezing cold? I forgot a sweater yesterday and was shivering. I know, I’m lucky to have the AC, but can we turn it down a touch lest I perish?

3. You know what’s super inconvenient? When your neighbor stole your package from Amazon a few weeks ago and now you have to pick every package up at the UPS store. Luckily, Amazon is (obviously) awesome and refunded me, but I wanted to order some jorts from Loft but then I didn’t because I was like UGH I might as well drive to the store like some sort of peasant if I’m going to pick them up anyway. Thanks a lot, NEIGHBOR.
Orange is the New Black - Middle Finger

4. I guess I should be happy I don’t have a “Watcher” as my neighbor. WTAF is this crap? You move into your new home* and have a creepy stalker sending you disturbing letters and you don’t know who or where they are?
Nope Nope Nope

*I don’t feel that bad for you because it was a 1.3 million dollar home and that makes me jealous.

5. I don’t want to get too political but this is my blog and I do what I want. ❤ 

Happy happy Friday!! 


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