Five Thing Friday 07.03.2015

1. If you follow me on the gram you’ve already seen this, but it needs to be repeated. 

 This is a pretty big deal for me. Now if Reese’s could just follow suit, I’d be set.

2. What’s a girl gotta do to buy a pair of jorts?? I know I mentioned I wanted a new pair already, but I went to the mall this week and found absolutely nothing. No worries though, I spent almost $200 on other shit I didn’t need so it was totally worth it.

3. You need to make s’mores bars immediately. I followed this recipe and they were phenomenal. A graham cracker cookie layer followed by a chocolate and marshmallow layer followed by another cookie layer. Yup. I’m not even a huge marshmallow fan but these were delicious. Make them.  

4. I am so behind the times but I recently started listening to Serial and I’m mad that I have no one to discuss it with. Anyone? Bueller?   

5. Tim wanted to contribute so this last point is from him…  

Happy 4th of July! Have a great weekend everyone! 


3 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday 07.03.2015

  1. Serial is SOOOOO good! There is another one called Undisclosed….its about the same case but its other people digging into it…. I cant stop! Also i needs me that smores bar recipe!

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