Five Thing Friday 07.10.2015

1. If you don’t post a picture of fireworks from the 4th of July, did they really happen?  

Tim was kind enough to adhere to my request to see the DC fireworks. It was really awesome to be there for the 4th and I’m glad we got to see them. 

Probably not necessary to repeat but I’m glad we went. Similar to my feelings about the cherry blossoms. I just don’t enjoy the presence of other humans enough to do that.  

2. I forget where I saw this but it’s everything.  

3. A coworker brought in Reese’s Klondike bars the other day and I honestly don’t even remember eating it. Those things are delicious but they disappear in 25 seconds. Unless you’re some sort of robot who doesn’t like ice cream wrapped in chocolate. 
Is there any food that Reese’s/peanut butter won’t make better? Ice cream. S’mores. Bacon. Salads. It’s nuts.  

4. Subway Jared always seemed a little creepy so I can’t say I’m surprised by the child pornography.  

5. I am currently eating a $15 salad. I mean it’s good but I’m so over the whole “extra for avocado/guac.” It should just be included with the lettuce. 

Have a great weekend!!


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