Having Fun Isn’t Hard When You’ve Got a Library Card

Nothing will compare to the feel of physically holding a book in your hands and turning each page. Don’t even get me started on the wondrous smell of old books that wafts into your nostrils as you fan its pages. However, I have begun to enjoy the convenience of the Kindle app.Modern Family -Wake up and smell the internet

I recently became the proud owner of a tablet (Thanks, Mom!) and love how easy it is to just browse for a book, hit a magic button, and it’s mine.

Unfortunately, it’s not actually a magic button and they take money from me when I’m not paying attention. I decided it was time to get a library card so I didn’t go broke. I hopped onto my local library’s website to find that there was no way to fill out information electronically and receive a card.

Jennifer Lawrence - Confused

Human interaction was required? What is this, 1995? I have to go in and physically speak with someone just to read some books? Fine. I’ll go get a card and will carry it around in my wallet along with my school ID to pretend like I’m a functioning member of society just like I did when I was 10 years old.

I live in a very small town, so when I pulled up to the library I wasn’t exactly surprised it was small, but I couldn’t shake the nagging suspicion that I was walking into someone’s home. I slowly opened the door and the librarian peeked up from his desk. Phew, I’m in the right place.

He was an incredibly kind older man and promptly presented me with my brand spankin’ new library card. I thanked him and as I was walking out the door he said “good luck!”

Good luck? With what exactly? Reading? I have a Bachelors degree in English, I’ll have you know! And a very popular blog (among my family and friends)!


I said “thanks” and walked out, assuming he was just wishing me luck with my next interaction with a human being since I was probably so awkward.

Oh well. I can now have any book of my choosing in the world available through my library, which is incredibly exiting!

I leave you with this since I’ve had it in my head since 5:30PM yesterday when I bounced out of the library with my new card.


10 thoughts on “Having Fun Isn’t Hard When You’ve Got a Library Card

  1. You and vin should be besties…hes OBSESSED with his library card…. you would think that netflix didnt exist because he has gotten us DVD’s from there… and CD’s!!! As in Compact Discs….didnt even know they existed but in the library world they do! He even searches for things and puts them on hold from other libraries and they send it to our local library…. Its a sick sick sick obsession lol. But books? Nope. He does not compute what a book is….OH and P.s He’s “Ok” with paying a late fee because he feels like the 10 cents he gives them…helps to support the community and library. What is this life?!

      1. And yet…somehow they keep carrying them in the libraries. I just remember everytime I went to find something on a subject, it would be like two paragraphs of uselessness. It’s a good thing google replaced them.

  2. I could only laugh. Nicholas is ecstatic that he gets his tonight. He has been waiting for two years….. I am not even kidding.

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