Five Thing Friday, 07.17.2015

1. The first book I downloaded using my new library card is The Perfect Letter by Chris Harrison. I haven’t started it yet. I’ll probably have to do some sort of live blog review or something because there’s no way that this won’t be hilarious.

2. Out of the Box Was The Most Magical Show On Disney Playhouse”
Out of The Box

Alexis sent me this the other day because we used to be obsessed with this show. It concerns me because it was on from 1998-2004 which means I was a tween/teen watching a children’s show but that’s neither here nor there. I really hope more people know what I’m talking about but we were super weird so probably not. Anyway, if you’re curious about what they’re doing now,Tony is a “musician” and Vivian is married with a daughter. Congrats, Viv. Tony, I’m happy to see you’re still primarily using clapping and drumming on your legs to create music.

3. I just finished episode 5 of Serial (I only listen when I’m walking/running so that’s why it’s taking so long) and I am still so obsessed. What a mind f*ck. I change my opinion every 30 seconds.

4. Someone brought in chocolate mint chip cookies into work yesterday. I don’t want to say they were better than peanut butter and chocolate, but my world has been opened up to incredible things. 
Lizzie McGuire Cookies

Today, someone brought in donuts. Forgiving dresses for the rest of the summer, it is!

5.  This has been floating around Instagram and made me laugh.  Don’t screw up someone’s beach sunset pics this summer.

Have a great weekend! 



4 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday, 07.17.2015

  1. hahaha…shit… that ended in 2004? I swear to god we must have stopped watching it by then… because I would have been in college… so theres that. But glad to see I was a normal teenager watching playhouse disney. Also…after reviewing Tony’s website…it has come to my attention that he never got the memo that you dont take a selfie from below …because DOUBLE CHIN. If he has a comments section Ill be sure to let him know you always selfie from above.

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