Five Thing Friday, 08.14.2015

1. I was in Lake George last weekend and yesterday was my birthday so there’s been a lot of eating and drinking this week and I need to cool it. My friends took me out to dinner on Wednesday (thanks guys!) and Tim and I went to dinner last night. Don’t get me wrong, the food was all delicious, but let’s just say I’ll be wearing flowy dresses for the next few days.   


2. At dinner last night there was a roasted red pepper dip that came with our bread and it is what dreams are made of. We might have asked for the recipe. NBD. 

3. I was greeted by this when I got home from work last night. 

 I’m thinking Tim should become an event planner.

4. Here’s a picture from Lake George because I wish I lived on a lake.  

 Parasailing makes me nervous. I would never ever do that. Ever.

5. My friend is visiting this weekend and I’m so excited (hi Ri!) Happy Friday! 


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