Five Thing Friday: 08.27.2015

1. My friend Billy texted me Monday afternoon asking if I would want to go to a Fifth Harmony concert that night. UMMM YES. Sorry not sorry I’m a closet 5th fan. I am sorry that we were the oldest people there other than parents accompanying their children.  

They were seriously amazing and made me want to be a singer. I can totally do it. I just have to find that talent somewhere. Side note: Watching an 8-year-old dancing provocatively is quite disturbing. Also disturbing? The father accompanying his 11-year-old daughter while double fisting heinekins and dancing in the aisle…

2. If you didn’t watch The Unauthorized Full House Story on Lifetime you’re gonna need to do that immediately. I’ve never had so much fun on Twitter. 
3.  I somehow got the motivation to go for a run on Saturday. I was all dressed, sneakers on, and ready to go, but could not find my headphones. I can barely run as it is, but run without music or some form of entertainment? Absolutely not. I ripped apart my apartment for 15 minutes until I decided I would just go and buy new ones. That’s how motivated I was! The one time I want to run, and I am willing to drive to Target first to do it, I have no earphones. I got in my car and was simultaneously elated and livid. 

 Why the hell didn’t I think to check my car 14 minutes ago? Ugh. Anyway I ran/walked over 4 miles that day so I guess it was worth it.

4. I don’t know why this made me laugh so hard but it did.   

I honestly don’t know what I would do without Google. Certainly not be terrified that my mild cough is Tuberculosis, though, so that would be a plus. I’m lookin’ at you, WebMD.

5. I will be on vacation next week and cannot wait for this view.   

This also means that I will not be blogging about Bachelor in Paradise next week. Don’t cry. I love it so much, but I like drinking margaritas on the beach more, ya know?

Have a superb weekend!


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