Absolutely Asinine Commercials: Capzasin HP

With no Bachelor-related show in sight until January, I’m gonna need to get my “this is fugging ridiculous” fix from somewhere else. This week? It’s asinine commercials. I’ve actually been thinking of doing this for a while and was reminded when I saw this commercial, which will be the first of our installment.

As per usual, please excuse the quality. For some reason, no one uploaded this commercial to YouTube so it could have millions of views a la T. Swift.

I understand that arthritis is probably awful and painful and I hope that you can’t get it from cracking your knuckles, otherwise I’m screwed. However, are pickle jars really the worst part about this illness? I get the stairs issue. But, sir, pickles? There must be something you absolutely loathe just a bit more than the inability to eat a pickle.

Perhaps you’re not able to work-out like you once did, or you had to give up your dream of being a pianist. But if the worst of your problems is that you’re incapable of opening a damn pickle jar and need your fix immediately, might I make a suggestion? Pickles from your local deli. The ones in those massive jars on the counter are better anyway. AND, no lid opening required.



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