Five Thing Friday, 09.18.2015

1. First and foremost, I chopped off my hair, even more so than last year’s chop 

2. I went to Target the other day for soap and spent $65, as per usual. These were part of that purchase. Honestly, I haven’t finished the package yet and I am absolutely shocked at my self control*  

*By “self control,” I of course mean, “ability to eat no more than 5-6 cookies per day.

3. I watched Miss America on Sunday because I can’t say no to a televised event featuring crazy bitches hosted by Chris Harrison.   

Everyone was mocking winner Miss Georgia (Betty Cantrell) for her absurd Tom Brady response. I mean, they all sucked during the question portion so who would have been a better option? Miss South Carolina who thought military grade weapons should definitely not be banned, we just need to teach people how to use them properly? Ah, yes, of course. 

4. These are unexpectedly delicious.   

I may have posted about these already but I recently reintroduced them to myself and was reminded of their tastiness. They in no way provide “long lasting energy” but they taste like cookies so I’ll take it. 

5. I had ONE glass of wine last night and am exhausted, mildly hungover, and questioning where my alcohol tolerance went, so that’s all you’re getting today. Happy Friday! 


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