10 Thoughts You Have When Talking Yourself Out of a Run

1. Wake up before your alarm and think “Wow, I am totally gonna feel great today. I can go for that run later.”

Walter White RUN

2. It’s so nice out today. It will be the perfect day for an outdoor fall run.

3. Do I have clean running clothes? I must since I haven’t run in a month.

4. Ugh, but my favorite leggings are dirty.

Gus - do it

5. How do I pull back my short hair? I hate hair in my face when I run and it won’t stay in a ponytail.

6. I guess I can skip it and go tomorrow when I have sufficiently Googled proper hairstyles for short-haired runners.

7. I shouldn’t skip, though, because I have no self control and ate an apple cider donut today. (So worth it).

8. But, I have a library ebook that’s expiring in a few days and I need to finish it.

9. Also, I have a mildly runny nose. It’s completely possible that it’s allergies but I don’t want this to escalate to flu-like symptoms because of something as awful as running, do I?

10. Okay, it’s decided. Watch Breaking Bad and read. You have to do something somewhat productive though – so if you don’t run, you have to blog.

Jesse Dancing

Thus, here we are, my friends. I’m sorry, and you’re welcome.


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