Five Thing Friday, 10.16.2015

1. Pumpkin Spice Oreos are worth it.

These are gone now, obviously. Should I just turn this into a blog reviewing all different Oreo flavors? I’d be willing to make that sacrifice if you guys want me to.

2. I am so over Scandal. What happened to the bad ass Olivia Pope I wished I could be? She’s so damn annoying. I can’t with the repetitiveness and it’s making me angry. Get it together, Shonda! Plus, Fitz’s eyebrows (or lack thereof) are distracting.

Scandal Fitz Eyebrows

3. I made pumpkin soup the other day and it looked (and tasted) like complete ass. I legit thought I was eating warmed canned pumpkin. What a waste! I could have been making pumpkin bars. Last time I try to be healthy.

4. I got a request from Nielson ratings to do a survey. In it, they included two dollar bills just for my consideration. Huh? What a waste of money. (For them).

Of course, I’ll be submitting the survey for my additional $5.00 thankyouverymuch.

5. Truer words have never been spoken.

It is BRICK out there. Don’t talk to me in February. I’ll be living in my bed by then.



4 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday, 10.16.2015

  1. Yes, you should definitely review all Oreos and yes take that survey. I thought it was funny that it asked that you give it to the adult in the household. I would have had to give it to my wife to answer and also the $2.

      1. I’m there. After you review each one, I will then take those recommendations and buy or don’t and eat all the cookies myself just to make sure your reviews are spot on.

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