Things That Happen When You Live Alone for the First Time

I’ve been living on my own since June and have been wanting to put this post together since then. I’m incredibly prompt, so 4.5 months later, here we are.

You will talk to yourself. I don’t mean the occasional every day F-bomb when you stub your toe, walk into a door, or burn yourself (I’m very clumsy). I’ve found myself having legit conversations with myself. Ok, I’m going to have that chicken for dinner. Ughhhhh, you forgot to take it out of the freezer. I guess I could make pasta. But I really don’t feel like eating that. Oh my God, it’s so hot in here. You get the idea. I don’t know if it’s normal, but it will happen.

GG Blair Stop Talking

Every noise is a serial killer. When you’re not busy talking to yourself, you hear every little noise and I swear sometimes if I weren’t looking at the door, I’d think someone was walking into my apartment.

GG Chuck World Screwed Up

You realize how dirty (or clean) you actually are. Coincidentally, you realize you hate vacuuming but don’t mind dusting, which you find strange. You’ll talk to yourself about this a bit to try and figure out why. You’ll eventually come to the conclusion that i’s because vacuuming is ultimately a useless task when you shed like an animal and end up picking up most of your hair clumps anyway. Gross.

You are given the freedom to walk around pants-less at all times. Just kidding, I haven’t worn pants in my own home since 1988 when my Mom finally gave up. You’re welcome family & Al.

GG Serena

You have to kill your own spiders and bugs. I’ve mentioned I’ve had a slight issue with this, which has calmed down a bit since then (Thank God. [*Knock on Wood*])

You will watch a lot of Netflix. And you will find a way to work whatever show you’re watching at the time into GIFs on your blog.

GG_Dan Laptop


7 thoughts on “Things That Happen When You Live Alone for the First Time

  1. It’s funny how the show you are watching at the time seems to affect the gifs you are using. Though that show wasn’t my favorite, it definitely had its share of gif worthy moments.

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