Absolutely Asinine Commercials: Airbnb

This was the first commercial I watched that made me think BLOG FODDER and I made a mental note to start Asinine Commercial posts.

At first I was watching it, thinking Pampers really needs to end it with the deep, meaningful commercials. Your product’s sole purpose is to contain actual human feces within plastic (and wood pulp, apparently), so let’s just everybody relax and stop acting like your diapers help breed intelligence.

My thoughts were rudely interrupted when it came to my attention that this was NOT, in fact, a Pampers commercial, but rather, an Airbnb commercial. A few questions came to mind:

In what world is a baby walking around in a onesie appropriate for anything other than – oh I don’t know – let’s say, a company that makes baby products?

Who is watching this baby?

Did the baby rent the Airbnb by him or herself?

If so, how is a baby making more money than I am?

Is it because I write blog posts like this?

Is the rental also owned by a different baby?

If so, how does that baby afford to own an investment property when I don’t even own a regular property?

Will the (probably) creepy cameraman let the baby go explore the outdoors by himself?

Has this baby been kidnapped by the cameraman?

Does this Airbnb location provide brunch, lest the baby starve come morning?

Who will change the baby’s diapers?

Why do people who come up with stupid ideas like this remain employed?

That one I know – so I have stupid crap to talk about on my blog. Thanks, Airbnb.


6 thoughts on “Absolutely Asinine Commercials: Airbnb

  1. After seeing this commercial I have no idea what AIRBNB is and if that is the case the commercial is not doing its job. But I’m surely not going to go take the time to find out. And yeah, who is watching this kid?

      1. My dream job was to write commercials and that was one the biggest things you should always do in a commercial. Let people know what you do. Especially when you have some obscure initials. The well known ones like Nike, McDonald’s, etc can just flash a logo and you know exactly who they are, but AIRBNB? Are they an airline? No one would know from that commercial,

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