Five Thing Friday, 10.23.2015

  1. I feel so much more accomplished writing a Friday post like this when I actually blogged DAILY this week. I’m hoping for that to continue, so make sure you keep reading and we can be best friends.

2. I wore leggings the other day for the first time this season and it was even more glorious than I remembered. But it’s a slippery slope, my friend. I ate like I was carb-loading for a marathon. When in Rome stretchy pants.
Tina Fey leggings

3. Was anyone really surprised that cheese is addictive? Doesn’t everyone munch on cheese while they’re making any type of meal? “Just one more slice” ring a bell?
Tina Fey night cheese

4. I’m blogging while watching TV and Kung Fu Panda is on and I just haven’t changed the channel. This is weird, right? Speaking of weird TV: I can’t wait to watch crappy Hallmark/Lifetime TV original Christmas movies in like 3 weeks.

5. Tim and I are going to the see The Book of Mormon this weekend (which was my birthday present from him because he’s pretty great) and I can’t freaking wait.tina fey dancing

(Since apparently I’m on a Tina Fey kick today)


6 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday, 10.23.2015

  1. Duh about cheese. And definitely more addicting than crack. I often and playing my phone or using my computer while watching TV and a lot of times forget to change the channel too and end up watching way more a of a stupid program than I intended to.

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