You’re Engaged! Now What?

I promise this won’t turn into an annoying wedding planning blog but you will be forced to read some of my thoughts since this is on my mind pretty much every second. I’ve read so many articles in the last few days with the above title and ideas include but are not limited to: set a budget, research venues, and start thinking of your color palette. No thanks. Here’s what you should actually be doing:

Celebrate – Tim proposed at around 11PM Saturday night. I knew that calling our family at that time would result in a lot of worried people thinking I lost a limb. Originally, I was exhausted and wanted to go to bed, but after he proposed I was wired and ready to party. It was nice to just spend those first few moments together. (Awwwww). Then, the next day we called family & friends and celebrated with some champagne courtesy of my sister and brother-in-law.

Relax – You don’t need to book your florist yet, unless you want to get married tomorrow. Just sit and enjoy perusing through your bridal magazines and avoid the stress and planning that is about to come.

Thanks to Nicole & Al for these beauties

Stare – This isn’t a rule, per say, but you will admire your ring at least 100 times per day, especially when you’re typing most of the time. Desk job by day, blogger by night – Know what I’m sayin’?

Revamp Your Secret Pinterest Board – Let’s first just admit that you created a wedding board long before you got engaged, but a great idea 6 months ago may sound ridiculous now. Weed through the stupid crap you pinned and keep the good stuff.

Get a Mani – Conveniently, I had painted my nails the morning of our engagement. More people have seen my man hands in the last 5 days than I care to admit. Make ’em look nice.


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