Five Thing Friday, 10.30.15

1. Blogging at you live from Baltimore Airport, except not since it’s Thursday and I won’t post this until tomorrow, but you catch my drift. 

2. Last week I was leaving the grocery store and a woman stopped me to say “girlllll I love your style! So cute.” I thought she was joking because it’s rare that I’m buying groceries in anything other than yoga pants. But then I realized she was serious! I was still dressed in work attire and it was a day I didn’t roll out of bed. 

3. I felt the need to tell that story to prove I don’t always look like a slob. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of my outfit that day but luckily I have an “I snoozed 3 times this morning outfit to show you.”  

I legit took one last look at myself before heading out the door and thought (actually, I said it out loud) “I look like a tree. I look like a freaking basic bitch who loves fall so much that she has to dress like a tree.” I wore it anyway because I didn’t have time to change. But yes, I did have time to take a selfie.

4. A woman just went rolling through the airport on a Segway and I didn’t get a photo of it and I’m so mad at myself. She was too speedy! And no one was judging her. Just me. What is wrong with you people?! 

5. Speaking of being at the airport on a Thursday, I have a 3-day weekend just for the sake of taking a day off of work. Because I deserve it, damnit, that’s why!



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