For shame! After 2 weeks of fairly consistently blogging, I just completely forgot about last week. I actually was “busy” and hung out with friends, and even socialized with co-workers. I KNOW. I couldn’t help it. Everyone wants to buy you a drink after you get engaged and I won’t say no to that. But, I also can’t handle my liquor beer, and was very tired after having 1-2 drinks 3 times a week.

A wedding update? Ummm, we picked a date! And we have a DJ and an almost photographer, and almost flowers. No ceremony location but that’s neither here nor there as I’m trying not to stress about it because everything will go according to plan, yes?

Here’s a fun survey to catch up. I forget where I found this originally. Possibly Colleen’s blog?

Current Book(s): Do wedding magazines count?

Current Music: If Mariah Carey’s Christmas Pandora station is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Mariah Carey Christmas

Current Guilty Pleasure: OMGGGG Hallmark Channel Christmas movies. And Lifetime.

Current Nail Color: I don’t know. It’s the same color I had on this weekend when Tim’s 5-year-old niece asked “are your nails purple or brown?” and I couldn’t answer her. She was confused and I felt dumb.

Current Drink: All I drink is water (unless I’m celebrating with beer – see above). I have a full water bottle with me at all times at work. At home, I carry around a jug of water. So, water.

Current Food: Easier to list the things I’m not eating, which, as always, are carrots.

Current Favorite Show: GOSSIP GIRL ZOMG don’t even.

Current Wish List: Clarisonic brush because UGH PORES. By the time you’re reading this I may have already purchased one…

Current Bane of My Existence: Pinterest Wedding Boards

Current Celebrity Crush: I’m usually more on top of this (Lee Dewyze, Seth MacFarlane) but I don’t really know. I love Dan in Gossip Girl. Is that weird? I feel like most people usually love Chuck or Nate.
Gossip Girl Dan

Current Indulgence: Pinterest Wedding Boards

Current Blessing: Leftover pizza

Current Slang: “On fleek,” “Don’t even/I can’t even.” I know these are old news and over-used but I don’t care. Basically anything a middle-aged woman would say to try and fit in with her kid –  I’ll say it.

Current Outfit: Like literally at the current moment? Sweats, t shirt and fuzzy socks.

Current Excitement: I get to marry Tim in 10 months.


6 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Couple things… There is NOTHING wrong with liking Dan from Gossip Girl…Chuck will always and forever be my boo..but as seasons went on…Dan became my everything lol. ALSO…. I currently have 11 Hallmark Christmas movies on my DVR…with the newest ones being recorded every sunday night…so I feel you girl. Lastly, 10 months! omgg yay!

  2. Wow that is so crazy that you actually picked a date. It seems like nowadays people get engaged and then don’t pick a date for years. Good for you. And I’m kind of a cheesy Christmas movie fan too. Bring on some new ones!

      1. I with you on that one. Though I took mine to the other extreme. I met her in May, got engaged in July, and married her in August. Been together 15 years now. We’re one of the weird ones.

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