Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you’re eating a lot today. Today also just so happens to be my 3-year blogiversary, so for your viewing pleasure, here is my very first post. I had no idea what I was doing (in life or on the blog). Still don’t (in life or on the blog).

Originally published November 26, 2012 (LOL)


Because it’s Monday. Because you just had a four day weekend that felt like one day. Because you’re wearing leggings daily since your pants won’t button. Because you warded off family members questioning your single marital status. Because you deserve to know others are as sad as you this morning, I leave you with reasons to be happy you’re you today:

You are not this girl.

This was not you on Friday; unless it was – in which case, yikes.Image

Most importantly, you were not a part of this movie
Everything You Want Poster

Al and I watched this a few nights ago. Well, just read the synopsis. If you’re too lazy to click and read one paragraph, I’ll tell you that it starts off by a college-aged girl having an imaginary boyfriend. Now you’ll read it. Finished? Good. Now be happy you’re not us because we paid money to watch this ABC Family original from 2005.

So try to be productive on this glorious Monday morning. At the very least, please just don’t do this

After all, it’s only 4 days until Friday


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