Five Thing Friday, 12.11.2015

1. My whole body is sore because I started exercising again. If only I could figure out a way to continue so I don’t constantly feel sore every 3 months but we all know that won’t happen any time soon.  

2. This is everything. I like to think I’m not included in this group but I’m scared Tim might say otherwise.

At least I don’t take shoe pictures? “We take so long to get anywhere because we’re taking pictures of our feet.” LOL

3. Yesterday I google image searched bacon appetizers. I’m not really sure why I’m sharing that information. Just a glimpse into my life…

4. WAIT. I finished Gossip Girl and it was AWFUL. I had read spoilers so I knew Dan was gossip girl but everything was so haphazardly thrown together. And Serena’s dress was awful. And everything was just so many no’s. Except for little Henry Bass. He was adorable.
Gossip Girl Henry

5. I got nothing else. Too tired and I want a drink. Happy Friday!


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