A Christmas Story, Sort Of

Sunday was spent baking cookies, playing indoor corn hole, and obviously watching Christmas movies. 

One of approximately 30 movies Tim and I watched was Becoming Santa, a Lifetime classic.* Holly struggles to tell her fiancé that he will have to take over the family business – AKA replace her Dad as Santa. 

Me: What would you do if my dad was Santa?


Me: Tim?

Tim: I – I refuse to answer that question.

Me: Just hypothetically, what would you do?!

Tim: I just. No.

Me: So you wouldn’t be okay with it? It would certainly explain why I love Christmas so much. 

Tim: I’m not answering this question.

Me: Please?

Tim: Oh my God. Well, I guess I’d be Santa.

This whole marriage thing is going to go swimmingly.  

*Obviously there are no “classic” Lifetime movies. 


5 thoughts on “A Christmas Story, Sort Of

      1. Just hope that he isn’t the typical bad guy in all those Hallmark Christmas movies. The fiance that is a lawyer or high ranking executive that doesn’t appreciate Christmas, while you meet the quirky, happy go lucky lover of Christmas!

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