Thoughts on the Fuller House Trailer

The trailer for Fuller House has arrived! (I was going to include this in tomorrow’s Five Thing Friday post but it became too long.)

A few concerns.

1. I see they made some updates but can’t let go of the damn baby blue and white plaid. The curtains…the chair cushions…the couch – why?

2. Speaking of the couch, there’s no way that thing should still look as good as it does. Also, maybe it’s time to invest in a larger couch, Tanners.

3. They literally aren’t going to change anything and it will be so awful and amazing at the same time. We watched a minute and already heard Jesse comment on his hair and Joey say “cut it out.” They still have a Golden Retriever and Stephanie is an afterthought. Welcome back to 1991 everyone!

4. I got a little choked up watching this, which honestly concerns me the most.



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