Five Thing Friday, 12.18.2015

1. Macaulay Culkin Just Revealed What Kevin McCallister Is Actually Like Today
Apparently Macaulay Culkin wanted to creep us out more than he already has and decided to guest star in a web series where he plays Kevin McCallister – cute 8-year-old turned absolute psychopath. WHY IS THIS A THING? I just felt very violated after watching that.

2. I was creeping on Instagram the other day and came across a random person who’s description listed “Aunt to a pit bull.” I mean. It’s bad enough when people refer to animals as their children, but now we’re listing our siblings’ pets as nieces and nephews? What is happening to the world? What’s next? “Second cousins with my neighbor’s goldfish?”

3. I’ve been baking up a storm. And snap chatting about it. Because I like to pretend I’m 15 years old.

4. I tweeted this last night. (100% true). 
Immediately after, this happened.

I absolutely love when people don’t actually read the tweet and just look at the hashtags.

5. This is my current view so I’m off to enjoy this brew. Happy last weekend before Christmas! 


5 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday, 12.18.2015

  1. Yeah, I’m a little weirded out by the whole pet parent thing. And you know that all those dog food commercials and Pet Smart and all capitalizing on them. But pet cousin, or aunt? Please no.

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