Five Thing Friday, 01.01.2016 – HAPPY NEW YEAR

1. Happy New Year! My friend Katie and I have spent most New Year’s Eves together since 2008 drunk in a disgusting bar. This year, we stayed in, played a few games, and wore sweats. It was glorious.

Oh yeah, I hung out with this guy, too. 
Fun Fact: This was supposed to be a normal picture but after 12 tries I gave up on trying to make my eyes look sober/teeth not look wine-stained.

2. Christmas Eve/Christmas were wonderful. 
Lesbehonest, this was just an excuse to post some pics of Francesca.

3. Tim and I took engagement photos the other day, and as you can notice, we’re not exactly photogenic. It turns out, with a professional using tactics to cover up your double chin and help you to stop looking like an idiot, you can look somewhat normal. How exciting!

4. Probably the best New Year related Instagram post I’ve found so far. 
Poor Steve.

5. I’m not really a New Year’s Resolution, “New Year New Me” type of gal, but I’d like to hope I’ll be blogging more. After all, The Bachelor starts on Monday and that fodder just writes itself.


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