The Most Ridiculous Occupations on The Bachelor

It feels like Christmas Eve all over again. The Bachelor starts tonight. FRESH MEAT, bitches. In honor, I’m highlighting the most ridiculous occupations the ladies have this season. I am simultaneously elated and disgusted, as per usual.

They are being counted as one person. I would assume that this is a huge pet peeve for twins but if you’re listing that as your occupation, you don’t deserve otherwise. MMkay EmilyHayley?

Small Business Owner
The Bachelor Jennifer
If this turns out to be legit, I will eat my words. But I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume that Jennifer is just good with a sharpie marker, a white mug, and an Etsy account.

The Bachelor Maegan
Cowgirl. COW. GIRL. JUst GTFO now, Maegan.

The bachelor Rachel
At first, I thought, Own it, girlfriend, but this is an actual excerpt from her bio:

What are you most afraid of? Not settling down! I want so much before I’m 30: a place that feels like home, a husband, beginning to have kids, dog, money, etc.

You might be able to fix the money portion if you worked. Just a suggestion.

Chicken EnthusiastThe Bachelor Tiara
I don’t think this needs further explanation.

Side note: There is a Laura and FOUR Laurens this season. Ben, I’m gonna need you to pick only one of them tonight or this is going to be too confusing.


5 thoughts on “The Most Ridiculous Occupations on The Bachelor

  1. What actually does a chicken enthusiast do for money? Do they praise and adore them and they recieve eggs from them and she exchanges them for money? And the twins list that as they occupation? So does Ben get to marry both of them if he keeps them? Do we get to count them as one if they are the winner? So many questions.

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