Five Thing Friday, 01.08.16

1. I recently heard that JLo does not drink caffeine because it ruins your skin. So, it’s confirmed, she’s not human. J LO Aging Legit has never aged.

2. Catherine Guidici a la Sean’s season of The Bachelor AKA his now wife, had her Instagram account hacked last night. Once she got it back, she posted a video to let us know and said she felt sorry for people who felt the need to “steal someone’s identity.” I’m not sure that she understands what identity theft is because I don’t think hacking into someone’s Instagram counts. Let’s hope no one ever gets your SS# girl. That would actually be something to be concerned about.

3. A few stills from Fuller House episodes have been released so I obviously tried to figure out what was going on in each of them, until I came across this one.Fuller House What is Stephanie wearing? Has she become a lady of the night?  I knew a 12-year-old girl who pierced her own ears when her Dad said no would turn into this!

4. I plan on winning the Power Ball on Saturday, so get ready for some great posts. I also planned on winning last Saturday and Wednesday but it fell through. Third time’s a charm, right?

Tina Fey Make it Rain

5. We’ve made it through the first full week after the holidays. Let’s celebrate! Happy Friday guys!


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