Five Thing Friday 01.22.2016

1. These have been floating around the internet lately and they are so amazing.

 Some people are offended by these so I think it’s obvious that they’re the people who over share on social media. The only thing that offends me in this image are the typos.

2. I’ve been drinking a lot of tea lately. Like, by choice, because I think it tastes good and it makes me nice and warm. Is this what adulthood is? My mom used to call up her neighbor friends on our house phone with a massive stretched out cord and be like “Wanna come over for teaaaa?” like it was so exciting and I remember thinking WTF why is this a thing? (Yes, I often said WTF at age 6). I get it now. (Nic, Lex – I know you feel me).
Phone Cord.jpg
3. I finally read Jenny Lawson’s book, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, and it was hilarious and now I am waiting for the second one to not be on hold from the library. #NerdAlert
4. Did I mention that I started watching Pretty Little Liars? Because I did. It is every bit as terrible and amazing as I expected it to be. But seriously – who the hell is A?
Pretty Little Liars - Did you Lose your balls
5. Tim and I have our food tasting for the wedding tonight and I fully intend on eating my money’s worth. Hope someone can roll me out of there later.

5 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday 01.22.2016

  1. John is pretty much me except he looks a little stronger than me. But definitely my attitude. And by the way, if you have any leftovers after your food tasting, I like to overeat. 🙂

  2. Oh god… I had tea the other night and I felt so upset. I was all “omfg I’ve turned into Olga!” Why did our moms love tea? And why did my mom force me to make it for her every night until someone finally made me an honest woman and I was allowed to leave the Cannizzaro residence . So many questions, so much trauma.

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